This is one of our Disney free cross stitch patterns named Pinocchio’s Jiminy Cricket, a cheerful and wise cricket, who acts as Pinocchio’s conscience. You can use this simple yet entertaining pattern for your next cross baby blanket project.

Disclaimer: “Disney”, “Disney’s Pinocchio” and “Disney’s Jiminy Cricket” names and images are the copyright, trademark and property of Disney. All rights reserved. Therefore, cross stitch patterns found in this site bearing the Disney and Disney’s Pinocchio Jiminy Cricket names and images are for personal use only.

What is included in this pattern download?

Each of our patterns conveniently includes a colour key and sheet. To get this pattern, click the Download link below, then save it into your computer. All our cross stitch patterns and charts are in a zipped file format and are password-protected. Therefore, please read the following instructions completely to use this file.

Download Disney cross stitch patterns PDF here

Download this Disney cross stitch patterns PDF Download this cross stitch pattern zipped file (approx. 344kb — downloaded 117 times). The password for this download is “crossstitch4free” without the quotation marks.

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