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You may have run into “samplers cross stitch” and “counted cross stitch” often if you are just starting off. Cross stitch is a form of embroidery and one of the simplest ways of learning the art of needlework. Let’s take a look what all these mean.

Sampler Cross Stitch

Sampler cross stitch is types of cross stitch patterns that are simple and are specifically made for beginners. To start learning and practicing the art of cross stitch, sampler cross stitch are the best way to start off. Simple cross stitch samplers that are typically used include alphabets, basic geometric shapes, and small-sized patterns and basic motifs.

Stamped Cross Stitch

Stamped cross stitch uses the basic “x” stitch to form a picture or large lettering, but the image of the “x” is already stamped onto the fabric. You insert the needle at the top of one side of the “x” from the bottom of the fabric and then bring it diagonally to the bottom of that side of the “x.” To finish a stitch, the needle is then brought up from underneath the fabric and reinserted across the first half of the “x” now forming the completed cross stitch.

You can do an entire row of cross stitches by going from top to bottom on one side and then going back over the row in the other direction. The important part to remember is to keep the underneath stitches all going in the same direction and the top stitches all the other way. This makes the finished image have the same knap and allow it look as if it were painted.

Counted Cross Stitch

Counted cross stitch works the same way, only the image is not printed on the fabric. Instead, symbols on a pattern tell you what color thread, called floss in cross stitching lingo, to use and for how many stitches. You then count from there how many stitches to use for the next color on your pattern.

What is the best way to start a counted cross stitch? You need to find the center of the image on your pattern; next, find the center on your fabric, and thereafter start from there. Patterns are printed on grids and cross stitch fabric looks like a grid, so it is easy to match the squares you’ll use to form the “x”es from the pattern to the fabric.

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